The Features Of A Family-Friendly Mobile Home From A To Z

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Here’s a fun one for today. We’re going to look at different features that you may appreciate in your family-friendly mobile home. But we’re not just going to drop them in a list.

Nope. We’re going to do more than that. From A to Z, they’ll be listed. It’s an alphabet of killer suggestions for that family-oriented mobile home of yours.

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Whether your kids are small or in high school, these ideas can cater to just about any season of life. But you don’t have to take our word for it. Read and check out our list of features.

The feature of a family-friendly mobile home from A to Z

From alarm systems to mosquito zappers, we’ve got your back. Enjoy this zany yet useful article, a welcome break from our more “serious” hacks and tips.

A – Alarm system

For any family, security ought to be a priority. Consider setting your mobile home with an alarm system. In the event that someone who doesn’t belong in your home makes an attempt to get in, they’ll have regrets. An alarm system will notify you in the event of a break-in, buying your family time to find safety.

It doesn’t have to be elaborate. Whatever you chose to do, get some research time in before investing in a system. There are plenty of options for various budgets and systems. Don’t forget to look into smart home security systems.

B – Bell

Yes, we’re talking about a simple bell. You know, that metal noisemaker with a handle that you can shake up to get everyone’s attention. Handbells aren’t just for handbell choirs or life on the farm.

If you have a spacious mobile home and multiple kiddos under your care, you’ll love this. It may be a blast from the past, but you’ll find it handy in summoning the tribe for dinner.

When they hear it, they’ll come running. Nobody wants to miss out on dinner. And your neighbors will appreciate not having to hear you holler across the yard.

C – Carpet runner

Now how about protecting your floors? If you want a family-friendly mobile home, you know more than anyone else that your home will see a lot of wear and tear. Why? Because it’s lived in. It’s lived in the fullest. Your home isn’t just a place to sleep. It’s a safe haven for a family to grow and thrive, to learn new things.

But there are some precautions you can take to ensure your home doesn’t wear out sooner than later.

That’s where additions such as a carpet runner come in. Add a carpet runner to your hallway or entranceway and those areas that see plenty of foot traffic are protected.

Not a bad idea if you ask us. Wear out the carpet runner? Toss it out and replace it with a new one.

D – Smart Doorbell

Here’s a great idea for your family-friendly mobile home. Get yourself a smart doorbell installed. It will let you see who comes knocking. Even if you give explicit rules to your kids to not open the door for strangers, you can have peace of mind in being able to see who’s knocking through the doorbell camera.

There are numerous models on the market. Do some research and see which one will serve you best. It’s nice to be able to answer the doorbell remotely through your phone app. That’s right. You may converse with whoever comes knocking.

E – Entryway bench

For the convenience of having someplace to sit by the entrance, a bench is a great idea. You can tie or untie your shoes without having to walk into the living room or kitchen. Best to leave the outside shoes by the entrance and switch to your indoor shoes when you can.

A woman putting on her shoes

An entryway bench isn’t just practical. It looks nice too! Visit your local flea markets and secondhand shops for that perfect bench. Some may even come with storage underneath for storing shoes and things.

F – Fishtank

Don’t laugh. Get a fish tank with some fishy friends to help cultivate a calming environment. Fish pets are good for your mental health, calming the mind as they’re observed swimming around. Don’t be fooled by their quiet ways. It’s entertaining enough to watch your fish swim around and interact with the world around it.

Additionally, fish are low key pets. There’s no need to worry about accidents on your carpet or having to take it on walks.

G – Garden

Now let’s talk about a garden. A family-friendly mobile home life is cultivated with the addition of a garden. Not only will a garden look good in your yard, but it will also provide your family with a fun and rewarding hobby. Homegrown veggies are delicious and healthy!

H – Hanging swing chair

So how about a hanging swinging chair? It could go on your back deck or porch depending on how big the space is in those respective locations. A swinging chair is a fun addition to any mobile home. Picture an evening of quiet reading time while the chair gently sways in rhythm.

I – Ironing board that can fold up

In a mobile home, it can often be crucial to conserve space. You’ll need to think of innovative ways to save space, especially in a mobile home. That’s where innovative concepts such as a fold up ironing board come into play.

It’ll look like another cabinet hanging in your home, but open it up and it lets down your ironing board. Pretty nifty, if you ask us.

J – Jigsaw puzzle

For a rainy day, a jigsaw puzzle is a fun activity to pass the time over a quality conversation. Give yourself and the family something fun to do on a quiet evening. A jigsaw puzzle is a low key way to kill some time with the family. Keep your hands busy and your mind free to delve into a conversation.

K – Kitchen mat

To work in your kitchen without a kitchen mat is to do yourself a grave disservice. Don’t be so hard yourself. Give your feet some much-needed relief. Bring in some mats and strategically place them where you spend the most time standing — at the stove top and at the kitchen sink.

Your feet will appreciate the break.

L – Laundry hamper

While we’d like to think everyone’s already given their home a laundry hamper, we won’t make assumptions. And we certainly won’t make the assumption that you’ve got a system down. Create a system for your laundry so you can easily get your clothes processed the wash.

So here’s what we think would be ideal: a laundry hamper for dark clothes, another for light clothes. Additionally, if you have space, tack on a third one for delicate clothes.

M – Milk frother

A cup of coffee with coffee art

Yes, we’re serious about this one. If you like hosting friends and family, adding a milk frother to your list of kitchen tools is a must. You and your guests will love steamed milk. Give it a go and see how well it compliments cups of coffee and even tea. It’s not a bad deal, that’s for sure.

N – Nature journals

Keep a nature journal for each kid. Have them within easy access on a shelf in your mobile home. Your kiddos will love having them handy to document the bits and pieces of nature they come across in and outside your mobile home park or property. It’s a fun idea for the whole family.

O – Ottoman

Earlier, we mentioned the importance of saving space. An ottoman will help you do that. Not only does it look nice as a footrest or end table, but it also serves a fantastic means of storage.

It’s storage space that serves an aesthetic purpose. That’s always a good thing. Store your books or kids’ toys in that bit of furniture and you’re all set.

P – Planner app

Now how about installing a planner app on everyone’s phone? This will keep the whole family in sync and aware of what’s next and what’s happening. Give yourself some organization and keep everyone on the same page.

Apps such as Cozi will serve your family well. Individual family members can log their weekly plans and share lists.

Q – Quote wall stickers

Have you thought about getting your favorite quote up on your mobile home’s interior wall? It’s a great aesthetic and reminder of whatever it is that inspires you. There’s nothing like a pointed quote to keep you focused on what truly matters.

You can order customized quote prints that peel off and can be placed on your wall.

R – Robot vacuum

Now, how about a robot vacuum? What’s a family-friendly mobile home without one? With all the grime that gets tracked in and outside of the house, your robot vacuum cleaner will serve you well.

If you have a pooch on the loose, you’ll be glad to have that extra helping hand sucking up hair.

S – Spotlight spikes

Another feature of a family-friendly mobile home is a welcoming exterior. A trail of spotlight spikes that operate on solar energy is perfect for lining the walkway to your home’s entrance. Get yourself a whole pack of them and see how well they light your path in the evenings. You’ll find it’s a welcoming sight.

T – Tea kettle

Add a tea kettle to your kitchen’s set of tools and gadgets. Nothing screams hospitality like a tea kettle on the stove top — especially if it’s the whistling kind. Whether it’s visiting company or your own immediate family, tea is the perfect accompaniment to a heart to heart.

While you’re at it, grab some packages of tea — build yourself a nice and expansive stash of tea for steeping.

U – Umbrella (for your porch)

We mentioned a few outdoor touches that contribute to the family-friendly vibe of a mobile home. An outdoor umbrella is another must-have. Bring an outdoor umbrella into your backyard with a nice round table and chairs. It’s perfect for sitting out there and sitting back with some cool drinks and good reading material.

Give it a go and see how you like it. Making your home’s exterior conducive to hanging out will encourage everyone to enjoy the fresh air.

V – Video projector

Whether you keep a bare wall just for watching movies or take it outside and project it onto a large sheet outdoors, a video projector is a great addition to your family-friendly mobile home.

Projector turned on

Think of how fun summer nights will be with a movie projecting onto a blanket as your kids and friends gather around. Pop some popcorn, serve up some lemonade or sodas, and it’ll be a night to remember.

W – Weather radio

To have a weather radio on hand is to be prepared. If the power goes out, you can continue to stay informed on what’s happening out there. These radios come at various price ranges. Figure out your budget and find out which is best within those means.

X – Xyris

The Xyris is a yellow flowering plant. It’s a perennial and carries a special place in providing shading and a sense of whimsy to any outdoor landscape.

Along with other plants, the Xyris will be a great addition to anyone’s outdoor yard. Keep in the front or bring it to the back, it’s nice to have some pretty plants adorning the landscape.

Y – Yard games

Keep a catalog of yard games that can be employed at a moment’s notice. What’s a family-friendly mobile home without yard games? Summer, in particular, is prime time to get the kids outside and moving. Encourage them to channel their energy into some fun yard games with the rest of the family or their friends.

Z – Zapper for mosquitos

Finally, we’ve reached the letter “z!” We mentioned cultivating various outdoor shenanigans for the whole family to enjoy. But how can you enjoy them with mosquitos prowling around for blood?

That’s where a zapper light comes in. Order yourself a nice zapper you can plug in and watch the mosquitos gravitate to the light.

Making it family-friendly doesn’t have to be boring

Sure, your home is going to be a bit on the practical side because it makes sense. Your home is a haven to the active lifestyle of various. But you don’t have to sacrifice that aesthetic flair.

Especially with the exterior. Give your mobile home a fresh look for those outdoor movie nights and yard games. How about rolling on some visually enriching paint?

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