Mobile Home Exterior: Creative DIY Projects To Get Ready For Spring

by Mar 12, 2019

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By the time spring is “in the air,” you might be suffering from a severe case of cabin fever. Warmer weather is definitely welcome, and you’ll enjoy going outside and finishing up projects that have been waiting all winter. Or maybe you’re planning to start some new projects! Check out some outdoor DIY projects that you can use around your mobile home this year for your seasonal enjoyment.

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A cheap and easy garden walkway

Have a small yard but big beauty aspirations? You can easily upgrade your lawn or small garden with this cute DIY walkway.

Start by finding some pallets

For this project, all you’ll need is a few pallets (which you can often get for free.) You should choose however many pallets you need based on how big you want your walkway to be. For example, one pallet will work for a tiny walkway, but you might want to find three of them if you want a larger outcome. Note that treated wood will last longer than untreated wood in this situation.

Prepare the pallets and the garden surface

After you’ve gathered your pallets, you’ll need to detach each individual slat from the others. The next step is to dig a shallow trench so that when you place the slats, they’ll be level with the surface of your garden. However, keep in mind that it’s a good idea to check with city officials to make sure your digging doesn’t interfere with underground pipes or wires.

Complete the project

Once you’ve completed your trench, you can put the slats in place, securing them in the ground slightly and designing your walkway however you choose. Like we said, this project is simple and cheap, and it’ll give your garden a well-deserved upgrade.

A simple and rustic DIY bench

Stacks of blocks

Most of us have a few cinder blocks sitting around waiting for a good DIY project. This simple craft will make good use of those leftover blocks and add to your outdoor experience this year.

What you’ll need:

  • 12 cinder blocks
  • Four 4x4x10 foot pieces of wood
  • Enough concrete adhesive to complete your project
  • A cushion or more than one cushion

Find some level ground

First of all, you’ll need to ensure that you have a piece of level ground to place your bench on.

Stack your cinder blocks

Second, you’ll stack your cinder blocks. On each side, you’ll use six blocks. You’ll stack four of the blocks vertically and place the other two blocks horizontally on top of them. You’ll need to allow a distance of eight to nine feet between the two stacks of blocks.

Check your distance

Third, place your pieces of lumber between the two stacks of bricks in order to check the distance between your bricks. To do this, you should insert the lumber into the slots of the bricks. You’ll need to have six inches of lumber left sticking out on each side to indicate that the distance is satisfactory.

Use the concrete adhesive

After removing your lumber for now, use your concrete adhesive to affix your cinder blocks in place and allow it to dry before continuing.

Finish up

Insert the wooden beams into the slots of the cinder blocks once more. This time, you can leave them there and add one or more cushions of your choice on top of them to make your bench comfortable. If you’re feeling extra stylish, you can paint the cinder blocks and paint or stain the lumber to make it look even better.

A vertical garden

What if you don’t have enough space for a more traditional garden in your front yard? Fortunately, you can still plant your spring flowers with one of these vertical gardens.

Vertical plant pots

The basic outline of a vertical garden

The basic idea of a vertical garden is simple: plant your flowers or herbs in some type of flower pot, recycled container, or other creative possibilities. The pots or containers will typically hang from your exterior wall or from something else, like a recycled ladder. So, if you’re planning on doing this DIY, gather up your old tins, pans, or whatever you can use to hold flowers, and get started by deciding where you’re going to hang them up. This project is a tried and true method of giving your mobile home or yard a simple and non-labor-intensive DIY look.

Get ready to enjoy spring!

You’ll never lack a project to work on this spring with a few good DIY projects. While you’re at it, you should definitely think about some DIY repairs that you can make to your mobile home this year. After all, a well-decorated mobile home should be structurally sound as well. If your home decor and home repair are both on point, you’ll be able to check plenty of boxes off your to-do list this spring!

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