How Wide is a Double Wide Trailer? [Answered With Dimensions]

When it comes to choosing a mobile home, the double wide trailer is a great option. These homes are spacious as they contain two units joined together. Furthermore, they are affordable and can be customized to meet your needs and lifestyle. You need to know your double wide trailer dimensions, so you can effectively custom build, remodel or make repairs on your home.

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Determining your double wide trailer dimensions

Measuring your mobile home the right way is essential to getting the right replacement parts. Here are some of the parts of a double wide trailer that you will likely need to replace or repair.


The right way to get double wide trailer dimensions of a window is to measure from the inside. Additionally, most manufacturers build windows for mobile homes in standard sizes which make their replacement easier to find. To get accurate dimensions, measure the opening from inside the home.


The right way to get the correct dimensions for your door is by removing it and measuring the opening on the wall. Avoid measuring frame to frame as the design and size of the frame varies from one manufacturer to another. Also, since it’s the size of the opening which will determine the size of the door, always remember to include measurements of the exterior metal frame of the door. However, if your double wide has swinging doors, then measure from the outside.

While there are various sizes of the mobile home doors, the following are the most common dimensions.

  • 32 x 72 inches
  • 32 x 76 inches
  • 30 x 72 inches

Although these are the most available door sizes, knowing the double wide trailer dimensions can help you get a door size that will fit your home. Keep in mind that mobile homes with an out-swinging storm door have a wooden and not a metal frame. Consequently, when getting the dimensions of this door, include measurements from the floor and the wooden frame. For both the window and door you can use the standard tape measure to take your measurements.

window pane

Standard double wide trailer dimensions

Double Wide Trailer Square Footage – How many square feet is a double wide?

The size of a double wide trailer, also known as a double wide mobile home, can vary depending on the specific model and manufacturer. However, double wide trailers are generally larger than single wide trailers and can range in size from around 1,000 square feet to over 2,000 square feet.

Double wide trailers are typically built in two sections that are joined together on site to create a single, larger home. The size of the home can be affected by the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and other features that are included.

It’s important to note that the size of a double wide trailer may be different from the size of the lot on which it is placed. Mobile home lots can vary in size, and the size of the lot may not necessarily correspond to the size of the home that is placed on it.

The standard dimensions that you are likely to find available in the market include:

  • 1056 square feet, usually 24 x 44 feet
  • 1,440 square feet can measure 24 x 60 feet
  • 1960 square feet at 28 x 70 feet
  • 2,072 square feet units which are typically 28 x 74 feet

How to choose a double wide trailer

The cost of the double wide trailer and the land on which you intend to place it are some of the first factors to consider before purchasing the house. Nonetheless, the following are other crucial factors to consider when choosing your double wide trailer


A double wide is designed with the large family in mind. It can have more than two bedrooms, a kitchen, and a spacious living room. While the needs of a family depend on the number of people, the double wide has a large amount of living space and can accommodate many different floor plans.

Land Space

Before getting the double wide trailer, make sure you measure the lot where it will be sited. Since a double wide has two units, the lot needs to be big enough. If the area is too small, then you will have to buy an additional piece of land or sell back the trailer and buy a smaller one.

Internal and External Double Wide Trailer Dimensions

Not all sellers measure trailer space both on the inside and outside. As a result, you can end up getting a double wide trailer with the wrong dimensions. Avoid this by making sure the vendor takes the dimensions of the square footage that includes both internal and external measurements. The most common widths range from 20 to 32 feet while the length of a double wide trailer falls between 42 up to 60 feet. As for the interior space, double wide trailer dimensions range from 840 to 1,920 square feet.

Whether to choose new or used

A basic double wide is made up of two sections joined together to form one large space, but in some cases, you can get one unit with different lengths and widths. The difference is what gives your mobile home a unique look. If you are undecided on whether to buy a new or used double wide trailer, here are some differences between the two mobile homes.

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Buying a New Double Wide Trailer

The main advantage of opting for a new double wide trailer is that you get customization options. You can modify both the exterior and interior to fit your style. For example, you can choose the color of the walls, modify the shape of the ceiling or add decks on the outside. Similarly, you can opt to add features like walk-in closets or fireplaces to make the trailer a home that you can be proud of.

closet rod with hangers

Opting for a Used Trailer

Most people go for used trailers because of their lower price. However, even an old mobile home must meet your set standards. First, start by ensuring that the used mobile home you want to purchase has no cracks on the ceiling and wall. Second, inspect the anchoring system to make sure it’s sturdy and that the wall can withstand heavy furniture.

After buying your double wide trailer, you need to include features and upgrades that will extend the lifespan of your house. For example, opt to install high-quality fixtures and thicker subflooring to prevent sagging.

Just the right size

It’s important that every homeowner understands the ins and outs of their mobile home. Having the measurements on hand, you can buy a trailer that will fit the land you have or order the right replacements during remodeling. A double wide is an accommodating size, perfect for making you feel at home.

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