Are Double Wide Mobile Home Prices Preventing You From Buying?

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If you have been thinking about buying a mobile home, you are not alone. While searching for a new home, you will come across the terms like single wide and double wide, which are two different types of mobile homes. What’s the difference between the two and what are double wide mobile home prices? Let’s find out.

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The size of the mobile home matters a lot. It will also determine the size of the lot size that you set your home on. Double wides are generally larger in size than single wides. Because of their large size, they usually have to be shipped in two separate units and then joined on site to make a double wide mobile home.

All about double wide mobile homes

Double wide mobile homes have more floor space than single wides. Because they have larger footprints than single wide trailers, double wides require significantly more lot space and a sturdier foundation to support the weight. When it comes to moving, double wides are harder to move than single wides because they come in two halves. Meaning, that they are carried by two trailers. When it comes to costs, double wides are more expensive than single wides.

Talking about price

Manufactured home pricing can be quite confusing because, in the industry, there is a pricing problem. It’s not that prices are too high. The problem is that the pricing is inconsistent. Usually, buyers have no clue what amount a double wide mobile home should sell for, and hence they go from dealer to dealer trying to find the best price for the home that fits their needs.

What factors determine double wide mobile home prices?

If you want to get an estimate of double wide mobile homes prices, there are specific factors that can help you to determine the market value. First, the size, age, and upgrades will play a primary role in the price of the double wide mobile home. In addition to that, there are other things to consider as listed below.

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At all times, land is usually more valuable than the mobile home. The fact that land is a limited-supply commodity makes it gain value with time, but a mobile home is likely to lose value. You see, mobile homes or any other kind of home for that matter continually needs updates, maintenance, and repairs as it ages and hence depreciates. Eventually, the land will gain more value than the home.

If you plan to buy a mobile home and the land it is sitting on, the total cost will be more expensive. Even if the home is not new, you will be paying a higher price tag. If you buy the double wide mobile home and decide to lease the land, then the price will significantly go down.

Condition, layout, and size

The state of the mobile home you intend to buy will determine the price as well. A new home will obviously be a lot more expensive than an old or used house. A well-maintained used home that is aesthetically appealing will be more costly than one that is rundown and neglected. The size and layout of the double wide will matter as well because not all double wides are the same. Small homes are trending currently, so you can find one that you like.


The location of any home is one of the most critical factors. The location has a significant impact on the price of a double wide mobile home. Proximity to hospitals, schools, shopping centers, entertainment venues and commercial areas will impact the cost of a home. These amenities are likely to drive the cost up.

Any home placed around a place of convenience will always demand a higher price. The location plays a vital role in home valuation. Favorable statistics for crime rates, neighborhood and calculated earnings will influence the value of the home.



Neighbors play a vital role in the total worth of a home as well. If the people in the community take care of their homes with regular maintenance, then it will automatically influence the price of the mobile home you are looking to buy. You will also want to consider whether the neighborhood is a retirement community or whether it is family friendly. Although this is unlikely to play a significant factor in price, it may be a factor of personal value.

So, what are double wide mobile home prices?

As we have seen above, mobile home prices are determined by a lot of factors. They will vary depending on what state you live in and in what specific area you are looking to live. New double wides will not be cheap because you have to consider transporting it to your location after purchase. Older homes will be cheaper, but again the factors above will influence the exact cost.

To get an accurate assessment of the price you should pay for your mobile home, be sure to check the Nada Guides or have a qualified mobile home inspector assess the home’s value. If you’re looking for more information about buying or selling double wides be sure to check out our extensive guide.

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