5 Trending DIY Pinterest Projects For Christmas

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Christmas is just around the corner, which means it’s time to break out the DIY tutorials and start crafting away! Of course, one of the best places to find DIY projects – especially holiday-related ones – is on Pinterest. That’s why we’ll be featuring several trending DIY projects that are especially for Christmas in this post. Hopefully, some of them will catch your eye.

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#1 Cute minimalist/Nordic style ornaments

The minimalist/Nordic style is a trend that’s made its way into Christmas decor this year, as evidenced by these simple, little ornaments: 

They’re very easy to create, and you can hang them on your Christmas tree or just hang them up on your wall if you prefer. Even better, these little decorations go well with a minimalist Christmas look or a more traditional holiday style. You can use them in whatever setting you prefer. 

#2 DIY Farmhouse Christmas look

The farmhouse look is another trend that’s recently become a popular Christmas style. Interestingly, a holiday farmhouse look doesn’t usually include “typical” holiday colors. Instead, it often follows a more neutral color palette. This dressed-up farmhouse fireplace is a good example: 

As you can see, you’ll need to assemble various items to create the look. A chalkboard is a must for the farmhouse trend, and the mini evergreen trees and black-and-white stocking are adorable touches as well. Honestly, though, you can fill out this look however you want!

#3 Nature-inspired DIY Christmas decor

Nature-inspired decor is a theme of Christmas 2019. Perhaps the best part of this look is that natural decor is very easy to create. For example, these cute little twig Christmas trees only require three things: twigs from your front yard, small plastic cups, and flameless candles. 

Candle art

If you have a gift for creating art, these artsy candles are another way to bring a natural feel into your home. All you have to do is purchase candles and then use black paint markers to create artwork on the outside of the jar: 

#4 Blue is the Christmas color for 2019

The Christmas colors you’ve come to know and love – red and green – are still popular (so don’t worry!). However, blue is a new player on the scene this year, and it’s definitely a worthy addition. Navy blue and gold is a trend we can get behind, especially for gorgeous DIY projects like this one:

As long as you don’t mind picking up a few supplies and getting a little artistic, these DIY ornaments will come together to embody one of the newest Christmas trends. 

#5 Sustainable decor for the environmentally conscious

Sustainable decor is in this year due to an effort to become more eco-friendly around the holidays. If eco-friendly decor sounds a little bland to you, don’t worry! Sustainable options are still festive and colorful even without the glitz of a glittery plastic globe. For example, take a look at this garland made from dried oranges – you can make it yourself at home: 

Use leftover paper to create decor

You can also use leftover paper to make more eco-friendly decor. In fact, this looks like a great way to use tissue paper from last Christmas. Simply fold your colorful paper into different designs, based on what you’d like to see in your home: 

Flowery alternative

Who ever said you couldn’t use flowers to decorate during the holidays? If you have a source of colorful and fresh flowers, use them to decorate your tree. This is just about as eco-friendly as it gets, and it’ll be a refreshing step outside the box! 

Have a trendy Christmas

You can have a trendy Christmas look with any one of these styles. So, what really matters is choosing the style that you like the most. Whether you enjoy farmhouse decor, a classy blend of blue and gold, or something else, your holiday decor can be a part of this year’s trends. Even better, it’ll light up your home like never before and help bring together the festivities of the holiday season. Before you know it, you’ll be looking forward to discovering next year’s trends!


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