Tidying Up With US Mobile Home Pros: How To Declutter A Mobile Home

by Feb 18, 2019

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Lots of things in your mobile home may “spark joy,” but getting it all to fit, now that’s another matter entirely!  Today’s a great day for exploring excavation — and we’re not talking about digging with backhoes and loading dump trucks. Nope, we’re talking about excavating your mobile home — digging out a bit if you’ve accumulated just a tad more than your mobile home can or should hold.

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It’s good and bad at once

We’re blessed to live in a culture where we can easily and quickly accumulate “things and stuff.” But, if you let it go too far, it can be counterproductive and look a little (or a lot) cluttered. Though having useful and beautiful items filling your house can be great, getting rid of them can be great, too. Feeling like you might have a bit more than necessary? Is it even getting on your nerves maybe?

No worries! This article is for you. Today we’ll explore how to “tidy up” with US Mobile Home Pros. We want you to go from bursting at the seams to bursting with enthusiasm for how fresh, tidy, and pleasant your home is. So, let’s get to the clutter busting.

Take stock

Start by identifying what areas you’re going to subject to the ruthless US Mobile Home Pro touch. Okay, just kidding. We promise it won’t be that bad. Just take a moment to discover here whether you want us to help with a whole house or just a few select rooms?

Collect & centralize

Once you’ve identified the where, let’s get down to some what questions. Identify things in the area that you’re aren’t going to be removing (your couch, TV, end tables, etc.). Once you know what things need to stay, everything else that’s visible is fair game. And by that we mean, it all goes in one central location for you to work through. And with the US Mobile Home Pros method, the location will be a laundry basket (or several depending on how much stuff you have).

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Yes, that’s right, take items off tables and pictures off walls and plop everything in that trusty laundry basket. Just take care with fragile items—perhaps you can arrange them near the top to prevent breakage. Once you’ve collected things in the laundry basket and the mobile home is starting to look a bit bare, you’re almost ready.

Prepare to separate

First, though, grab some cardboard boxes or some garbage bags. Next, either with a permanent marker or with a sticky label, label them:

  • Give away
  • Throw away
  • Stow away
  • Love it

“Give away” and “throw away” are pretty simple — items you placed in these boxes either are donated to an organization (or friends) or they hit the trash pile. “Stow away” means you like it so much you don’t want to get rid of it, but you’ll save it for the next season or another time. As in, they don’t need to be out and around currently. Last but not least, the “love it” items are the ones you’re definitely keeping.

Launch time

Now it’s time to start going through those laundry baskets. That is your mission should you choose to accept it. (And if at this point, if you choose not to accept it, you’re still going to have to put everything back which is work in itself. So, we suggest you just buckle down and dive in).

What to do

Coming up next, we have two words for you: evaluate and eliminate. Here you’ll want to look over the items you’ve collected and think about them. For some items, you may know right away whether you want to keep it or not. For others, it may not be so easy.

If you can’t make up your mind

When you come upon an item that you’re just not sure about, as yourself a couple questions.

  • Do I actually use this item?
  • Do I actually like this item?
  • Does it have sentimental value (and if so, how much)?
  • Would I miss it if I dropped it in the trash pile?

Another thing you can do is get others to help you if you’re struggling. Whether it’s a friend or family member, an outsider’s perspective could be just what you need. For example, they could help you to determine whether you should keep all your child’s toys or whether your framed hummingbird cross-stitch picture is actually an heirloom with sentimental value.

Colorful wooden toy sticks

What’s next?

Once you’ve done this job, we hope your belongings will be somewhat decreased, leading to more space in your mobile home. If you haven’t seemed to be able to get rid of much, it might be time for round two. Get a friend to go through the process with you again if you didn’t have any help the first time. Or simply commit to getting rid of a certain number of items. Then go through again on your own until you reach your goal.

Once you’ve made it through the baskets you collected, return to those larger items from earlier. Remember the things that were “off limits” like your couch and table and stuff? Well, they’re not off limits now. See, we really are ruthless!

Maybe it’s time to reconsider these. If you still are feeling the need to narrow down even further, it might be time to opt for a smaller couch. Or do away with some of those end tables. Remember, you can always try to sell the old and buy a replacement instead of just throwing away the old and losing money.

Really stuck

Now if you’ve tried all there is to try when it comes to decluttering and you still feel like a lost mobile home owner buried under clutter, we come to the final option. Last but not least, as they say. Sell your mobile home and buy a newer (and bigger) one. Then, live happily ever after. There, it’s that simple!

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