4 Ways To Customize Your Mobile Home Doors

Doors are the gateways to our playrooms, our bedrooms, our homes. These are deeply personal places. Yet more often than not, the doors in our houses are generic and impersonal. We usually leave them exactly as we found them.

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But in doing this, often miss out on a potential decor accessories. Take a look at these fantastic ways to customize your mobile home doors.

1 – Type of door

If you are looking for a whole new look and feel, the best way to go might be to replace the entire door. Unfortunately, not all the preinstalled doors in mobile homes are of equal quality. SO this is generally a good idea.

The project is truly worth it as replacing a house’s front door yields an average of 74.9% return on investment.

Some of the best options for a mobile home are:

  • Fiberglass doors
  • Wood doors
  • Paneled doors

In short, for this project, you have to start by measuring the existing one and the frame. Remove the hinge pins and lift out the door.

Now trim the new one according to these measurements to make sure it will fit. Measure and trace the position for the hinge. Drill the necessary holes and secure it.

Bore the holes for the latch and lever and install them. Finally, you can put the new door in place.

2 – Change the size

But what if the new door doesn’t fit into the old frame?

Both interior and exterior mobile home doors are often a bit smaller than the standard size. This means that you might not be able to find replacements of the same dimensions at a hardware store. Luckily, manufacturers often build newer mobile homes with ones that are replaceable.

However, converting the size of your door isn’t the only reason to do so. Bigger is better in 2019. Larger windows and doors can help you make your home look more modern and appealing.

Before you start with this project, keep in mind that it can be pretty complicated. And it will be better if you have some skill and experience. Depending on your area, you might need to apply for a permit.

You need to take out the hinge pin and remove the old door. Afterward, use a prybar to remove the frame. Measure and mark the outline for the new one. 

Then cut along the marks and remove the drywall. This is more complicated than it sounds because you have to cut through the studs. And you need to watch out for any plumbing and electrical wiring.

We recommend that you consult a professional to advise you whether the wall is load-bearing.

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You need to install reinforcements to which you can attach the header for the door. And remove the old bottom plate and attach a new one. When you’ve done this, you can secure a new door system and side panels into place.

3 – Install a window in your door

One of the best ways to customize your mobile home door is to install a window into it. You can do this both inside and outside. Overall, this is a fantastic way to bring more light into a room and to make it feel more spacious.

You can choose windows of any shape and size. However, note that square and rectangular ones will work best.

Start by taking the door off its hinges. Once this is done, you can measure and mark the outline for the windows. Apply painter’s tape around the edges of the marks. Drill starter holes in the corners of the shape.

Now use a jigsaw to cut along the lines on one side of the door then flip it and repeat on the other side. Secure the windows into the hole. If there is a gap, apply some caulk to the edges.

All that’s left to do is to put up the door again.

4 – A pop of color

In this case, the saying is, “go bold or go home.”

This project can be especially beautiful this time of the year. During fall and winter, the world can look a bit drab. That’s why a color like bright yellow can be the perfect way to cheer up the place. Best of all, optimistic shades are in this year.

Yellow front door

To paint a mobile home door, you can start by covering all the trim and surrounding area that you don’t want to paint or you can take it off its hinges. Then you can spray it with the right primer for the material. 

If it is a wood door, you can sand off the top layer of the existing finish or lacquer first. Apply several coats of paint, allowing for time to dry in between each.

First impressions

You don’t always have to redo your entire mobile home to modernize. Instead, revamping something like your front door can make a significant difference.  It helps to create the right impression with your decor.

Change happens one step at a time. A good next project might be to renovate other central elements like your dining table or your porch.

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