Color Schemes For Your Mobile Home That You May Just Fall In Love With

Feb 12, 2019Blog, Decorating

We’ve all experienced the sudden urge to repaint a bedroom or rearrange the living room furniture. In fact, most of us will probably do so at some point in our lives – it’s just a matter of when. Are you a fan of solid colors for your mobile home, or do you prefer colorful patterns in each room? Either way, it can’t hurt to look into a few new ideas if you’ve got a little free time in the near future!

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A color scheme for you and your spouse

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, you might enjoy creating a romantic atmosphere for yourself and your significant other. While a theme like this might not work for the whole house, it’ll make you feel like it’s your first Valentine’s day all over again every time you walk into your bedroom, and who wouldn’t want that?

A few popular colors

One of the most popular colors for this type of bedroom is raspberry-pink, closely followed by a deep shade of red. These beautiful, bright colors “bring some intrigue” into a room. If you’re worried about how predominant either of these color tones might be in a room, here are a few things you can try:

  1. Instead of giving your walls a complete color makeover, simply use pink or red accents to liven up the room.
  2. Choose a nice shade of light brown or soft blue (also popular colors for a romantic room) for your walls that won’t be quite as startling as a brilliant pink tone.

Use more than one color in your room

If you’d like to try a bright color but you aren’t sure about painting your entire room that color, you should consider creating an “accent wall.” Basically, you’ll choose a color for three walls of your room (typically a neutral color – white or cream is a good example) and display a different color on the fourth wall. This will allow you to play it safe but be creative at the same time.

Accents for a romantic bedroom

A romantic atmosphere doesn’t only come in paint colors. Spruce up your bedroom with some flowers, candles, or throw pillows of your chosen color, to make it extra comfy.

Soft colors for a bedroom

Kids’ playroom

If you’ve got a room in your mobile home that’s designated as the kids’ playroom, chances are you’ve thought about a fun color scheme for that room at least once. So, why not go ahead and change things up a little with some new colors?

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What effect will the room have on your kids?

Kids are kids – most likely, they’re going to love any color you choose for a playroom, though you’ll probably find it helpful to take their opinions into account while making your decision. However, there’s at least one thing you should consider while mulling over a new color scheme for a playroom: how will the color you choose affect your kids?

Different colors have different effects

Red is well-known for its ability to energize and excite, but it can also cause aggressiveness at times. On the other hand, blue tends to be a calming color but has the ability to trigger feelings of sadness. So, if you want the playroom to be a place where your kids feel energized, red might be a color to include in your new design. Conversely, if you want them to feel calm, blue is a better choice. You’ve got the whole color spectrum at your fingertips, so mix and match if need be to create the perfect playroom!

Use some fun patterns or decor

Patterned wallpaper or stencil shapes you can create by hand are ideal for kids’ playrooms, so feel free to be creative if solid colors are too boring for your ideal playroom.

Make a theme for your kitchen

Feeling up for a challenge? Choose a new color for your kitchen and find a theme to go along with your color scheme.

White kitchen with blue cabinets on the bottom

Here are a few examples:

  • If you have a white kitchen: include some black decor for an elegant look, but make sure to include a little bit of color somewhere to brighten things up.
  • Decorating a blue kitchen: even if it goes against everything you’ve ever known, try decorating a blue kitchen with some orange accents. You might fall in love with it!
  • Decorating a green kitchen: yellow and gold decor works well in an olive green kitchen.
  • It IS possible to accentuate an orange kitchen: while there are plenty of colors that will work with orange, a good way to play it safe is to include white, brown, gray, and black accents in an orange kitchen. Basically, you can’t go wrong with the neutral colors.
  • Loving purple for your kitchen: much like orange, the best colors to use with purple are often neutral colors. Black looks especially striking in combination with purple.

So, are you in love with these color schemes yet?

Have you found the color scheme that’s perfect for your home yet? If so, don’t forget to look into what types of paint you should choose for the interior and exterior of your home.  Then you’ll be ready to get out your paint roller and give your mobile home a color makeover that you’ll love!

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