5 Distinct Features Of Classy Mobile Homes With A Few Examples

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“Classy mobile homes.” It’s a phrase that might leave you scratching your head. You may be used to hearing mobile homes described with adjectives such as “ugly” or even “trashy.” So, can mobile homes ever be considered classy?

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The answer is yes. As a matter of fact, there are many mobile homes that contradict the frumpy reputation assigned to them. Now that your curiosity is piqued, let’s take a look at the specific features that make these mobile homes stand out from the rest!

What distinguishes classy mobile homes?

Consider this image of a renovated 1970s mobile home.

What is it that makes this mobile home so beautiful?

#1: Color scheme

Let’s face it – most mobile homes aren’t known for their elegance. One reason for this might lie in their drab, uninteresting colors. Back in the day, the majority of mobile home manufacturers weren’t thinking about creative color palettes. Therefore, an essential part of a classy renovation is finding the right color scheme.

For example, the mobile home above has an excellent color scheme. The colors lend a stylish, tasteful look to the kitchen. Also, the couple who renovated it took care to choose colors that matched well. Even the countertops and the cabinet handles follow the color scheme, ultimately ensuring that colors don’t “clash” with one another.  

#2: Repairs

Unfortunately, a reality of life is that things get ruined, especially in the kitchen. That reality hits closer to home for those dealing with a used mobile home that’s almost fifty years old. However, a closer look at the picture above reveals no visible damage. There are no water stains on the countertop, no cracks in the ceiling, and no scratches on the floor. Instead, this kitchen looks close to being unused!

As you may have guessed, this is a significant point. A damaged mobile home looks sloppy, not classy. Giving due attention to the small repairs that a home needs certainly pays off in the long run.

#3: Flooring & carpets

A mobile home renovation will almost always lead to a floor replacement. For example, take a look at these before and after images:

Before pictures of a mobile home renovation

Photo credit: My Heart’s Song

Pictures of before renovation in a mobile home

Photo credit: My Heart’s Song

Much like this single wide, most mobile homes have ugly, cheap flooring. In carpeted rooms, the carpets are drab and worn-out. Notably, the “after” pictures of this home display new, beautiful floors and carpet. The homeowners took care to replace or clean them. The improvement is noticeable – the new floors create a much classier environment.

#4: General visual appeal

Classy mobile homes will always have one thing in common: their general visual appeal. To achieve an elegant visual effect, a renovation should take away certain things from a home and add others. Note the dingy curtains, frumpy wallpaper, and ugly light fixtures in the “before” pictures seen above. Then take a look at the “after” images. The wallpaper is gone, and in its place is a nice shade of off-white. The old curtains have also been exchanged for better ones, and the light fixtures are new.

Decorations will add extra visual effect. Of course, all decor must match with a home’s color scheme. In the images above, the renovator used paintings, houseplants, and lamps to achieve this.  

#5: Space

Most mobile home owners probably complain about a lack of space in their homes at some point. However, the before and after images seen above are pictures of a small single-wide mobile home. Even with furniture and decorations, it doesn’t look crowded after its renovation. Instead, it looks fairly spacious, which adds to its classy atmosphere. How is this accomplished? There are a few ways in which a mobile home renovator might try to make a home more spacious.

  • By using furniture that sits low to the ground. This makes the ceiling appear higher in a mobile home.
  • Using hollow furniture as a disguised storage area. For example, a hollow ottoman with a lid can be a wonderful space saver.
  • Multipurpose furniture can do wonders in the area of saving space. Some people enjoy using a type of sofa that functions both as a couch and a bed.
  • Utilizing acrylic and glass furniture. Dark pieces of furniture make a home look less spacious.

Ready to upscale?

Hopefully, you’ve been inspired by this look at some of the characteristics of classy mobile homes. Maybe you’ve even been inspired to upscale your own mobile home! If that’s the case, you might need some practical tips to start out with. Let your creativity take over and watch your mobile home transform!

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