A Holiday Tour Of Mobile Homes That Are Ready For Christmas

If you live in a mobile home, there’s nothing more inspiring than seeing other mobile homes dressed up for Christmas! Even better, looking at what other people have done with their homes might help with your own decor scheme. So, as you’re getting ready to bring out the decorations this year, take a tour through some seasonal mobile homes. Maybe you’ll see an idea you can recreate in your own house! 

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Decorating small spaces for the holidays

Whether it’s a mobile home, RV, or another smaller-than-average home, there are always challenges involved with decorating a small space – especially for the holidays. However, the homes we’ve chosen to feature are some that have found ways to combat this. If you’re looking for ways to save space this year, these ideas should be right up your alley. 

Christmas mobile home tour

This mobile home has a cute, refreshing take on holiday decor. In the living room, Christmas colors like red and green highlight the rest of the room. This allows the room’s natural color scheme to be a part of its seasonal look.

A closer look at the Christmas tree reveals some wooden ornaments, a little word art, and plenty of crafty snowflakes. 

The kitchen also features little holiday touches – like these decor pieces surrounding the microwave. 

Even better, there’s an adorable cocoa bar so that guests can help themselves.

Finally, an easy DIY project that helps you count down the days until Christmas is another part of this cute kitchen.

An RV that’s ready for Christmas

Like mobile homes, RVs are a little short on space, but that doesn’t mean they can’t look amazing during the holidays! This RV is a great example of how to decorate for the Christmas season in a small space. The snug living room boasts a cozy modern look that’ll do wonders for any RV or mobile home. 

Notice how the owners of this RV made the most of their space by using everyday items as Christmas decor instead of adding too many extra decorations. The throw pillows, the cozy blanket, and the small lantern lamp are everyday items, but in holiday form. 

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This small kitchen is adorable and needs only a few touches to look ready for Christmas. Some evergreen boughs, lights and candles, and a red and green hand towel are perfect ways to accomplish that, as you can see.

Of course, the bedroom is looking festive with evergreen boughs and a holiday tray as well.

Finally, even the bathroom sports a wreath and some additional evergreen sprigs.

Another RV that embodies the holidays

This RV also embodies the holiday season, taking a sleek, modern look and adding some holiday cheer! For example, a few small trees give the kitchen all the seasonal vibes it needs. 

The bedroom is a little more dressed up for the holidays. A small tree sitting atop the mini heater and an extravagant wreath above the bed bring together the look and feel of Christmas.

A closer look at the tree reveals fake snow and pine cones.

Find your favorite look

It’s so easy to love these homes with their undeniable style sense. They’re great examples of creating a mobile home or other small dwelling that is classy and beautiful and festive all at once. Don’t forget that you can always gather inspiration from well-decorated stick built houses, too. If you see something you like, adjust it to fit your style and space. Keep your eye out for decor inpsiration everywhere you go – you never know where you might find an excellent idea you can put to work in your mobile home.

Get your mobile home ready for Christmas

It’s always fun to look at other people’s homes when they’re ready for the holidays, but it’s even better to decorate your own! So, select your favorite decor ideas from the homes we just saw, and consider using them in your own home. Then you can sit back with a cup of hot cocoa and enjoy the results of your hard work. 


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