5th Blog Of Christmas: Christmas Decorations For A Small Living Room

Dec 12, 2018Blog, Decorating

It’s a chilly winter evening in your mobile home, and you have a perfect pot of soup bubbling on the stove waiting for everyone to enjoy. Soup and your warm home are putting you in a cozy mood, and you feel energized to bring the house up to speed for the holidays. Since you’re feeling some excited anticipation and plenty of energy, why not jump into dressing the place up? Let’s get started on Christmas decorations for a small living room.

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Keep in mind

Getting started, remember that less is sometimes more. Especially if you have a tiny living room, piling the decorations high simply may not pay. Steer clear of creating a situation where you can’t see the forest for the trees in your Christmas decorations for a small living room. You may find that being conservative actually leads to the decorations you do put up having a better opportunity to shine. In short, don’t overdo it.

Use what’s there

Second, put what’s already in your living room to work for you. So, make use of surfaces and furniture you already have. For instance, if you have a piano, you may be seriously disinclined to move it out of the room just so you have more room for your decorations. Thus, take advantage of an upright piano’s lid as a perfect flat surface for seasonal decorations. Whether you set up a snowy landscape or dress it with candles and a string of lights, put it to good use.

Other areas/items in your living room to capitalize on for decorating are stand lamps (try a string of lights on these or snowflakes hanging from them), a mantel, a TV, or a window sill. Even bookshelves could possibly provide a spot to place lights or decor items.

Advent Christmas stockings

If you always keep a stack of books on your end table, consider swapping the current ones out for books or magazines with festive covers. Plus, ordinary coasters could be replaced with seasonal ones.

Make more space for Christmas decorations for a small living room

Suppose you feel stuck between a rock and a hard place when it comes to putting up Christmas decorations for a small living room without overdoing it. Since you may be trying to avoid a cluttered look, consider removing some of your regular decorations. For instance, you could always take down some of your wall decor temporarily if you think it would help you achieve a less-cluttered appearance.

Additionally, consider changing the window “clothes.” Long drapes could be seasonally swapped out for a valance complete with a string of lights. Or you could opt for sheers. However, note that you could lose the insulation value of thick drapes if you do this.

Since you may feel that you’re lacking some decoration inspiration, let’s take a jaunt into some possible living room looks.

A sophisticated look with white and gold

If you’re shooting to keep your living room classy as you decorate, try adopting gold and off-white as favorite color elements. If you have a piano or mantel, choose a gold element like a candlestick or a figurine and give it a prominent spot. Next, add elements of off-white or cream (a scarf or table runner, for instance). Then add some white candles.

Off-white or cream-colored lace could also be introduced. Plus, keep the white and gold theme going around the entire room with more items in these colors. More candles, books, pillows, throw blankets, lamps, furniture, figurines, and vases are some options. Also, you might decide to incorporate a string of Christmas lights into your decor. To keep this look consistent, steer clear of colors or harsh LED lights and stick with soft yellow or white ones instead.

Colorful and whimsical

Of course, a sophisticated, classy look just may not be you. And if that’s the case, no worries! Perhaps you feel more like embracing a warm, cozy, cute style. That’s fine, too. For this, you may already be planning on using multicolored lights. However, a single color or white or yellow are also options.

Christmas display with pinecones

Now, you could break out your snowman collection to warm things up (or should we say cool them down). If you have a lot, you could display them on a mantel or another surface. Plus, you could even create a snowy scene with fiberfill stuffing.

Dig any other cute decor (snowglobes, snowflakes, wall-plaques, coasters, or decorative plates) out of storage. Or snag some irresistible items while you’re shopping. Additionally, toss out a cute throw blanket (or two) that goes with the cozy look you’re trying to create.

Seek ideas for small spaces

When it comes to Christmas decorations for a small living room, take a moment to recall homes you’ve seen that are both low-on-space and well-decorated. See if you can recall anything those homeowners did or didn’t do that contributed to the pleasant appearance. And if the word “small” describes more than just your mobile home living room, check out our Mobile Home Life Tips: How To Save Space In A Small Area.

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