Mobile Home FAQ: Can A Realtor Sell A Mobile Home?

Moving out of your home can be a big process. Perhaps you feel overwhelmed. There’s a lot on your plate as you try to sell your current home and find a new one. Consequently, you’re looking for someone who can take some responsibility off your shoulders. And that’s why you’re wondering, “can a realtor sell a mobile home?”

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The place to start

Well, let’s take some time to zoom out before addressing this question. Later we’ll talk about your relationship with a realtor. But for now, let’s look specifically at your mobile home.

Different looks

Not all mobile homes are created equal. Of course, you already know this because you’ve seen the variety yourself firsthand. Clearly, they’re not all equal because some are single wides and some are double wides. Some are spacious, others are tiny. Plus, with homes like the Kingsbrook 34, we know that the outsides of manufactured homes aren’t always going to look the same either.

Different classifications

However, when it comes to differences between mobile homes, one that’s relevant to our discussion here is whether your home is real or personal property. Some manufactured homes are affixed to the land they’re on and are real property. Other homes are not real property but instead are personal property (or chattel).

Of course, both kinds – real and personal property – can be sold. It’s not as though you can only sell a home with the land beneath it, and you’re prohibited from selling a stand-alone mobile home. Nope, both kinds can be sold. However, just know that the two situations may look different.

Can a realtor sell a mobile home: real property

When it comes to selling real property, if you think you want to use a realtor, reach out to one in your area. You can find a local realtor online and call their office. Or you can even walk into an office in your town or city. Alternatively, you can also find a realtor by asking friends for recommendations.

Ask, ask, ask…

And one thing you can do once you get in touch with a realtor is to ask if there’s anyone on the team who specializes in selling mobile homes. Ask whether an agent will need any particular certification other than their real estate license to sell your mobile home.  

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Be comfortable asking questions

Also, your real estate agent, should you choose to use one, is there to help you. So, you want one who will be open to your questions and happy to assist you. You might end up having to reach out to your agent multiple times looking for answers. Be sure to choose an agent who seems willing to listen, understands what you’re asking, and is responsive to you.

Can a realtor sell a mobile home: Personal property

When it comes to someone buying your mobile home that’s personal property, it might have some things in common with the purchase of a car. Selling the home yourself is certainly an option. However, if you’re trying to avoid handling things on your own, there may be other ways to go.

For one thing, you could consider checking with the administration of your park. The manager may be able to sell the home for you. Alternatively, they might refer you to others who can facilitate the sale. However, be forewarned that they may be unwilling to refer you out, preferring instead to handle things internally.

You can also contact a mobile home buying company, like US Mobile Home Pro. These companies are experienced in buying and selling mobile homes and will be able to make the process much easier for you. Check to see if they have a mobile home calculator so you can get an idea of the value of your home.

If those options don’t work for you, and you’re still wondering, “can a realtor sell a mobile home that is personal property,” call a local realtor and explain your situation. Ask them whether they have any certification for selling a mobile home, if one is needed. And it doesn’t hurt to see if they’ve done it before.

Other things to know

Take note that buying and selling are serious topics. So do your due diligence to determine if a realtor can sell a mobile home in your situation and what laws apply before handing any property over. Getting experienced professionals involved is a good idea.

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Check before you sell

Yes, it does take two parties to sell a home. You need a seller and a buyer, of course. However, note that those are not guaranteed to be the only two parties. In fact, it may be possible for the management at your park to veto a sale. Just make sure you know whose approval you need and that you get it.

Buyers may need a heads up about the land it’s sitting on

Additionally, let’s say you don’t own the land underneath your mobile home. However, you still anticipate the buyers will leave the home where it’s currently placed. If it’s staying on its current plot of land, the buyers may need to be told about the lot lease. A real estate agent should alert buyers to how much and how often they’ll be paying.

Moving forward

So can a realtor sell a mobile home? It depends on the status of your home and the realtor’s experience. In short, it never hurts to ask.

Perhaps you have other questions going forward. What can you do to get your home ready for the market? Check out our selling checklist. Or maybe you still need to find your next mobile home. If so, breeze through our buying a mobile home checklist.

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