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US Mobile Home Pros now has a nationwide marketplace, open to private sellers, brokers, and mobile home communities. This is an investors platform, intended to match buyers directly with homeowners.

Are you looking for homes:

  • that can be moved?
  • on private land?
  • at wholesale prices?
  • offered by brokers?
  • in a park you’d like to move into?

You let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll match you with those sellers.


Once logged in, you’ll want to select filters for your desired home characteristics.

You’ll only be matched with homes fitting your selected filters. The default option is to match you with every home that enters the marketplace, therefore, we strongly suggest you select your desired geographical locations, at the very least. Having a dashboard of unwanted homes negates the service we provide.

*** Please note, zip code radius is not necessary if you’ve already selected the entire state.


Once you’ve selected filters, we ask that you complete your profile information. At times, we offer special promotions so it helps us if we have the correct, updated information.


Now that your profile is complete we will begin loading your dashboard with homes as they come in. For now, we encourage you to check in often, as emailing that many homes is not possible. In the very near future, we will be launching our customized app, complete with push notifications, so you’ll have real-time updates as we push out homes.


There are two types of listing accounts with our software:

Basic Accounts – These listings have contact information restrictions. Buyers and Sellers can only communicate within the app, until the seller upgrades to a Premier account. Because we want to match you with as many homes as possible, we offer the seller a chance to speak with interested buyers, prior to having completed their listing agreement. Rules for communication in these listings are monitored for compliance. Attempting to pass third party contact information to a Basic account holder may result in the freezing of the chat, or the permanent removal of a user from the platform. If you are interested in purchasing a home and further contact information is required, the seller must first upgrade to a Premier account.

Premier Accounts – These listings have no communication restrictions and third party contact information may be shared freely, at the user’s discretion.


How to know a listing account status – Each listing will have a message center. From here, the listing will be clearly marked for your convenience.

Login now and tell us what you’re looking for!


If you’d also like to take advantage of our marketplace to sell homes to investors, please click below for details on the sellers side.

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