5 Things To Know Before You Buy A New Double Wide Mobile Home

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So you’re in the market to buy a new double wide mobile home? That’s great. A mobile home is a perfect choice for affordability, energy efficiency, and customizability. And a double wide will offer you even more space than a single wide would. That’s more space at a great price.  

Buying a home is quite the investment and adventure. Thrill, fear, and excitement are all mixed together as you stand on the edge of a new chapter in life. To make the chapter transition a little smoother, we compiled this list of five things you should know before you buy your new place.

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Ready? Here we go.

Five things to know before you buy a new double wide mobile home

1 – Energy efficiency

There are different levels of energy efficiency. You’re in the market for a new double wide home, so you can be assured that every home you look at is HUD code compliant. Mobile homes made before 1976 are outside of HUD code. Mobile homes made after 1976 are designed and required to meet HUD minimum requirements. And as a result, over the years, manufactured homes have come a long way in their level of energy efficiency.

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If you want to up your energy efficiency game, look for Energy Star labeled homes. Energy Star encourages manufacturers to go beyond the minimum HUD requirements. This prompts manufacturers to develop more energy efficient constructions processes and homes. Homeowners benefit by saving on their utility bills long term. The whole world benefits from the smaller energy footprint left by these manufacturers and homeowners.

2 – Customization options

Frequently, manufacturers have a variety of options available to new homeowners. From carpet to fireplaces, roofing to light fixtures, the possibilities are endless. A variety of customization options denotes a manufacturer that cares about a quality product. Remember, you get what you pay for and you’re in control of what your home will look like. Take a look at their options, compare with other manufacturers, and be ready to weigh what’s best for you, your budget, and your family. Never forget, you’ll get as good a house as you’re willing to pay for.

f you’re going to buy a new double wide mobile home, make it worthwhile. You have more room to create different floor layouts that better cater to your style and needs. As you pick out or create your own design, it’s a good idea to visit a variety of double wide homes for inspiration. An idea may seem good on paper but seeing it come alive may provide a different vantage point.

3 – Financing

Thanks to financing, home ownership is more accessible. Even if you’re bankrupt, have no fear. A double wide is just what you’re looking for. Find out your options for borrowing. Compare interest rates and closing costs, making sure you’re reading the fine print.

Sometimes you can only borrow from the mobile home manufacturer. If you’re getting a lease on land, make sure your lender is aware of this and the fact that your home may not be permanently attached to a foundation. Ideally, your lender will be experienced in dealing with mobile home purchases. Read here for more about lending options.

4 – Installation

This is a concern that is unique to mobile homes. You’ll need to find out if the manufacturer will install the home or if you need to hire your own contractor. Be careful, even if hiring your own seems cheaper, it could void your warranty. Either way, you’ll want the home installed according to HUD regulations. Otherwise, you may face unexpected fines down the road.

If you’re installing the home in a park, get detailed information about how the park wants you to handle your move. Work out a schedule with them so everything (utility hook-ups, cable, etc.) is in place, ready for your new home. Additionally, make sure you don’t do anything that would break your lease agreement.

5 – Costs

Lastly, it’s important to count all the costs involved. You need to factor in the costs of transportation, hook-ups, and installation. And you’ll need to rent a space suitable for a double wide. Don’t forget about all the fees and details that come with signing your lease agreement.

If you’re going to have your home moved to a mobile home park, ask for printed documents detailing the costs incurred by renting the lot. Some of these extras are required. What does trash pick up look like on your monthly bill? How about security and parking? These extras can be nice. But it’s nice to know about any costs they might charge before you commit.

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Enjoy your new double wide!

Well, there you have it. Five things to know before you buy a new double wide mobile home. A double wide home is a great way to save money while providing you and your family the space needed to live a vibrant life and a place to rest. It will only cost a fraction of what a site-built house cost you.

Now that you’re about ready to sign a lease, check out our list of questions to ask before signing one!


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