Do It Yourself: How To Build Your Own Double Wide Mobile Home

A mobile home is a great choice for you and your family. There are plenty of reasons, including the ease with which it can be easily altered and expanded as your family grows. Though any additions and changes should be approved by an inspector and your mobile home park, it’s not hard to double the space in your mobile home. Did you know you can actually build your own double wide mobile home? Read on to find out how.

Do It Yourself- How To Build Your Own Double Wide Mobile Home

Why build your own double wide mobile home?

An easy way to expand your home is to join your single wide mobile home with another single wide. This allows you to double your living space quickly and with less trouble than actually buying a new double wide mobile home. Although this is not a simple process, it’s definitely worth the time and trouble. While you are at it, you may consider adding some new features.

Before you decide which mobile home you want to add to your existing home, take a moment to consider your particular needs and why you need more space. Do you need extra bedrooms? Is extra living space what you are after, such as a family room? Or maybe you are looking to expand your kitchen, to have a gourmet-style kitchen to create great meals for your family? Perhaps it is just an extra bathroom to alleviate the morning shower congestion? Deciding what is important to you is a must before deciding on the new standard single to be bought.  

Combining two single wides into one larger mobile home provides room for more interior design options. For example, you could add a fireplace, a jacuzzi or a skylight by simply having them built into the single unit being added. Read on for more idea about possible interior changes when combining two mobile homes.

Assess your needs before you start

Before beginning any construction on your mobile home, it’s essential to evaluate your needs and desires. At this stage, you should consider the aesthetic appeal you want, structural challenges to overcome and the budget you’ve set aside for the project. To save money, consider undertaking some of the building tasks yourself, to cut down on labor costs.

Starting with the cosmetics, you should make sure that quality window designs are integrated. You can also incorporate special lighting fixtures to create the desired mood. As you build your own double wide home, it’s important to pay attention to the regularly used features, like sinks, faucets, and cabinets. Given the constant use of these areas, they should be well-designed and fitted with the right equipment to enhance your enjoyment of the overall atmosphere.

Build Your Own Double Wide Mobile Home Lighting

How to combine two single wides in one double wide mobile home

When combining the two mobile homes, they should be aligned as perfectly as possible. You can opt to use the traditional method of using a roller system together with bottle jacks. Or you might use the modern cutting system known as Platypus. With the latter method, you will need to use a bulldozer armed with hydraulics to lift and drive one-half of the home into the other.

After the homes are aligned, use the jacks to line up both floor levels as evenly as possible before inserting lag screws through the marriage beam joist – (consisting of both the I-Beams of either half) from underneath the home. These will serve to hold both bottoms together. Please make sure you bolt both homes together at the top to finalize the combination.

To prevent leakages, you should place tar paper at the top. Do not forget to include the shingles and center roof vents as well. Once this is done, you can then proceed to screw together the adjoining walls inside and outside the home to create partitions and rooms as you so wish.

Consider other additions before you conclude the building of your own double wide mobile home. Besides working on the electrical connection and water supply, there are some amazing renovations, both on the inside and outside, which can be included to achieve astonishing results.

Spruce up the exterior when combining two single wides

After you’ve combined your two single wides, remember to make the exterior equally inviting. For impressive results, work on the skirting, shutters, sunroom, awnings, wrap around porch and even the steps leading into your mobile home. The skirting should be well-fitted to complement the color choices of your mobile home. One way of achieving a magnificent result is to paint the skirting a solid color. This technique has an effect of “grounding” the home on the land the structure sits on, shifting attention to the upper side of the home.

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If for example, you are adding a sunroom, it should be equally well-positioned to permit ample sunshine and provide the necessary shades as the day progresses. You may consider installing awnings atop the outer windows too. This will create additional privacy and protection against high winds as they also cover the windows.

Think about a carport, for those inclement weather days

Tired of getting into your car in the rain or snow? Perhaps it is time for you to have that carport or even a garage you always wanted. Plan on incorporating it when you build your own double wide mobile home. Additionally, you can install new siding, skirting,  shutters, bay windows, flower beds and even raise the ceiling height for an added sense of space.

Build Your Own Double Wide Mobile Home Example

We’ve provided a few ideas for you to you build your own double wide mobile home and expand your current home. Keep in mind that increasing the size of your home will increase its value and will make it easier to sell someday, at a better price.

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