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The word “mobile home” may evoke images of run-down, dumpy trailers parked in overgrown lots. As a result, many people write off mobile homes because they’re sure they don’t want to move their family into a nasty environment. However, we hope that the best manufactured home reviews we’re about to launch into will give you new hope for the mobile home lifestyle.

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Drum roll, please! The Manufactured Housing Institute has given out its awards for manufactured housing for the year. We’re about to the share with you the four models that made the list.

Best manufactured home reviews: do mobile homes have to be old and ugly?

In case you’re feeling hopelessly down about mobile homes, there’s a woman we’d like to introduce you do. Her work may just give you a more encouraging outlook. Meet designer Jennifer Siegal. According to Dwell, she’s “on a mission to remove negative assumptions associated with mobile homes, while reimagining them for the future.” You can read their spotlight of her here.

Now that you’re feeling more peppy about the prospect of finding a glorious mobile home. Let’s check out the models that the Mobile Housing Institute deemed especially worthy.

It shares a name with a bird …

… but don’t let that deceive you. It looks like Champion Home Builders took home a medal (metaphorically speaking) for a mobile home that’s not going to be sprawling all over your yard. If you’re looking for a small place to squeeze into your not-so-expansive plot of ground, you need to listen up.

The Heron

This home is for you if you don’t want to clean a large house. Or, it could be you only want to heat or air condition the very smallest place you can find. Plus, you could be simply dreaming of a downsizing to embrace a minimalist lifestyle.  

Heron Mobile Home

Photo Credit: Champion Homes

Square Footage: 449

Yes, you read that right! Perfectly small. Naturally, you may be wondering how they managed to fit everything into that small space.

But, you’ll be delighted to know that there’s space for a stacked washer and dryer unit. And, of course, you’ve got a bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen in this beauty. If you think that leaves no room for an eating area or a couch to relax on, think again!

Be sure you don’t equate economizing on space with “ugly and cramped.” Since Champion Home Builders would just turn around and contradict your fear. The home is very small but looks very modern and well-engineered. Check out their photo gallery here to be blown away by the fresh design and decor.

Next up, another place from Champion Home Builders.

When you hear the word “King,” you think of a palace…

An open floor plan in a manufactured home? If you think that having the kitchen, dining area, and living room all share space is only for stick-built homes, think again. Just up in our best-manufactured home reviews, you’re about to see a home that might smash your preconceptions.

And yes, it’s got the word “king” in its name. Enter the Kingsbrook 34. Square Footage: 1,775.

Actually, before we “enter,” let’s take a minute to think about the outside. Manufactured Housing Institute institute points out that the house “has a unique, transverse roofline reminiscent of the California bungalow concept.” Check out the pictures to see just how this home marches to the beat of a different drum when it comes to what mobile homes are “supposed” to look like.

What does it look like on the inside?

Take a look at Champion Home Builders gallery to see a fresh, spacious, warm place that could be your next nest. When you see the open kitchen and living room area, entertaining friends might come to mind. Plus, if you have kids you’re still okay. The home has 3 bedrooms.

The President’s House?

Who’s next on our list of best manufactured home reviews? Well, it seems Adventure Homes is also a star of this year’s show.

And they’ve got a house that shares a name with the most famous home in America. That’s right, you could live in the “The White House”. But, in this case, the exterior of the house isn’t only white. It’s a got a two-tone look going. Black and white.

Especially striking is the way the designers carried the two-color theme into the kitchen. In the words of the Mobile Housing Institute, “The contrasting color scheme continues in the kitchen with a black and white checkerboard design.” You can see it for yourself here.

Lastly, in our best manufactured home reviews, let’s check out “The Hudson.”

The Hudson

With dark cabinets and variegated floors, the Hudson could be your ideal solution if you need a warm, cozy home with room to spread out. If you cook a lot, this home has a U-shaped kitchen just for you! Additionally, with a living room area that’s open to the kitchen, you’ll be able to entertain guests without anybody missing out on the fun. See it here.

Green is in, even for mobile homes!

Glad you stopped by our best manufactured home reviews. We hope we got you charged up about the winners of 2018’s awards from the Mobile Housing Institute. Still, need to think more before choosing your next home? Take a look at these Energy Efficient Mobile Homes. Or check out our Overview Of The Best And Worst Manufactured Homes.

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