7 Benefits Of Using A Mobile Home As Your Office

Apr 4, 2018Blog

Using a mobile home as your office carries numerous benefits. We’ll be laying them out for you today as you consider the possibility of employing the use of a mobile home as an office space.

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An office space is a hub of operations for your business endeavors. It’s where you strategize, organize, and maybe even execute ideas for your clients. Your office space is also a safe place to conduct business with your clients and meet with potential business prospects. An office space can also serve as a portfolio space where you can display your work to potential clients.

7 benefits of using a mobile home as your office

If you’re unsure about using a mobile home as your office, we have a few points to consider. They may sway your decision, they may not. We can only hope you leave this article better equipped to make a well-informed decision.

1 – An affordable option

Over the years, despite a significant increase in quality, mobile homes continue to hold their own as an affordable housing option for families, retirees, and other demographics.

They’re a fraction of the cost of site-built construction, increasing their appeal as a worthy housing option. Because of their affordability over site-built construction, they’re worth considering in place of an office building.

Let’s face it, rent is a huge overhead cost. You can be master of your own office building at a much better rate if you consider how much you’d spend on rent for office space. Even if you choose to rent a mobile home for your office needs, it’s still a likely better deal.

2 – Energy efficient

With the advancements in quality construction brought about by HUD code, mobile homes are required to be energy efficient. This mitigates excessive spending on your office spending on utilities.

As a business, we know the need to save where you can is real. Don’t settle on a building with poor energy waste when you can use an energy efficient mobile home.

In addition to embracing HUD code requirements, mobile home manufacturers often take energy efficient construction a step further by embracing EnergyStar requirements.

3 – Custom floor plans

Floor plan

For those who require a more specific office layout, mobile home manufacturers will work with you. They’ll help you create the floor plan that best incorporates your vision for the way your company operates on a day-to-day basis.

Whatever your needs are, most manufacturers are able to help you come up with a design that meets your needs while keeping within HUD code standards.

And best of all, you’ll have your mobile home office delivered and installed within weeks of your order.

4 – Big enough for the little guy with big dreams

There is plenty of space in a mobile home for the small business to work and grow. You can have multiple office rooms for your small staff. Or rooms dedicated towards different portions of the product development and production process.

This is great news for the little guy.

5 – No interference from other business

If you were in a shared building with office space for different businesses, you’d have to deal with the annoyance of neighbors. In these situations, they’re often too close for comfort. This can be distracting to you and your staff. Especially if office etiquette is neglected or your crew just isn’t jiving with their neighbors.

The affordability of a mobile home to serve as your office space is a wonderful concept for this reason.

6 – You can do what you want to it

So owning your mobile home is a better deal than renting an office space in a building. You’ll find yourself empowered by being the complete master of your own place. Want a different color paint on the walls? Just do it. Want to install whiteboards for strategy planning? Just do it. It’s your office.

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7 – You can sell it down the road

If you own your office space, you can sell it down the road. As your business grows, you’ll either be ready for a bigger mobile home or a bigger building.

Selling your mobile home will allow you to recover some of your expenses and put the money towards other projects.

Ready for your own mobile home office?

There are many great perks to choosing a mobile home for your office needs. The affordability of mobile homes is cause for other benefits. This seems to be an irresistible office plan.

However, if you are a solo entrepreneur, you may wish to consider living in a mobile home and working from there.

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