10+ Mobile Home Owner Tips For Backpackers & Snowbirds

by Apr 1, 2019

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Are you always dreaming about your next holiday?

The world is full of opportunities for backpackers and snowbirds. But if you are a mobile home owner, you might be too worried to leave your home alone for weeks on end.

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Don’t let concerns about your house stop you. There doesn’t have to be an issue. With a bit of preparation, you can go on your trip without a worry. Take a look at these mobile home owner tips for backpackers and snowbirds.

#1 Switch off appliances

There is no reason to come home to an enormous power bill. You can just unplug all your devices before you leave like chargers, televisions, and routers. This is also safer as it can reduce possible fire hazards and power surges in storms.

#2 Utilities

Appliances aren’t the only thing you will want to unplug. You might want to consider canceling or putting some of your services and utility on hold. For example, your internet connection and cable.

It is important that you shut off your gas. If necessary ask your supplier to help.

In the winter, you run the risk of your pipes freezing and bursting. This can cause significant damage. So make sure you winterize your pipes before you just turn off your interior and exterior water.

#3 Mail

Mail can really start piling up when you go on a long trip. This can be a big nuisance to deal with when you come back, and if you have a mailbox, it can completely run out of space.

So, if you know where you are going, consider having your mail forwarded to the new address until you come back.

It can be better to cancel magazine and newspaper subscriptions as well. Otherwise, ask some friends or family members to pick them up regularly.

#4 Spare keys

A set of keys

If you are going away for several months or weeks, it is typically a good idea to give a spare set of keys to friends or family you can trust. Ask them to go check on your home every now and again. Just to give you some peace of mind.

#5 Set up security

Security can be a significant concern when you are going away. You want to protect your belongings and keep intruders out.

Here are some security measures you can take:

  • Install an alarm system either on your own or through a security company.
  • Inform your security company that you are going away.
  • Make sure that all the windows, doors and entrances are firmly shut.
  • Invest in timers for your lights that turn them on and off automatically to make it look as if someone is there.

#6 Dialing the thermostat

One preventative measure you can take is to adjust your thermostat. Set it at a steady temperature to prevent things from becoming too icy. A good range is usually 55 to 66 degrees. You might have to adapt this within a few degrees depending on the season that you are leaving your home.

#7 Maintenance and repairs

Another tip for backpackers and snowbirds who will leave their house unattended is to do some general maintenance before going. Seasonal maintenance is a crucial part of taking care of a mobile home. So you might as well make this part of the routine.

Tackling this and any necessary repairs will help to prevent damage to your house and existing problems from becoming worse.

Special care should be taken to any holes, cracks or weathering to the exterior siding. As well as any issues with your roof.

Take a look at these general maintenance tips on keeping your home in great shape.

#8 Exterior drains and gutters

Talk about nasty surprises. Before you go, check out your exterior drains and gutters. Clear out any debris from them or in the surroundings. This can help prevent them from becoming blocked and leading to damage from rain and even ice in the winter.

#9 Kitchen clear out

You don’t want to come back to a nasty smelling surprise when you come home. We recommend that you remove all the food from your home. If you leave some dry goods behind, make sure to seal them in airtight containers.

Don’t forget to clear out all the trash!

#10 Taking care of bills

We all need to take some time to relax, but this doesn’t mean we can forget about everything. Pay all the bills you can before you go. Plus make arrangements to pay any others that might come remotely.

A laptop with a stack of bills next to it

#11 Insurance

You know what they say, hope for the best, plan for the worst.

Now is a brilliant time to reassess your manufactured houses’ insurance policy. Many companies have clauses that state that you need to take out a vacancy policy if you are away for more than 30 days. So take a careful look to make sure that you’re covered.

Remember that mobile home insurance usually works differently than that for onsite-built homes.

#12 Clean

Clean out your entire house before you go. Vacuum and wipe down any surfaces. Make sure that all your appliances like kettles and stoves are clean and empty too. You should also wash any dirty clothes or linen.

This will help to prevent any unpleasant odors from developing. It can also reduce the chance of you coming home to find that pests have moved in.

Taking a break

Follow these mobile home owner tips to make sure that your house is just as prepared as you are for your getaway. Now all you backpackers and snowbirds can really relax and unwind.

Are you itching to go, but still don’t know where your next vacation will take you? Take a look at our list 4 mobile home holidays abroad.

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