5 Mobile Home Baby Proofing Hacks That You Can Do Yourself

Mar 28, 2018Blog, Safety

If your mobile home houses little ones who are learning how to crawl or walk, you’ll be glad for today’s list of baby proofing hacks.

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A baby on the loose is an exciting milestone in any family’s life. The child has gone from being very dependent to embarking on a journey towards independence. Of course, the start of this journey is their learning to crawl and those first few steps they’ll take.

But despite the air of sweetness and warmth that goes with the above mental image of a baby crawling for the first time, we do need to take a hard look at reality.

A crawling baby or walking toddler is still in need of guidance and protection as they explore the great big world around him or her. And let’s face it – the things that you never saw as anything more than part of your home are now hazards to your baby’s safely.

You want your baby to explore, but you don’t want baby to get hurt.

Your mobile home should be a place of safety.

With a baby on the go, you’ll want your mobile home to be safe and conducive to their penchant for exploring the world around them.

That’s why we’re going to give you some nifty baby proofing hacks. You ready to turn your “temple of doom” into a baby-safe world to explore?

5 baby proofing hacks for your mobile home

Keep in mind, these hacks are the sort you can do at home on your own. No need to call in a professional contractor.

1 – Toilet paper hair tie trick

There are some things folks without kids wouldn’t ever think of protecting. Things like toilet paper. In the eyes of a little one, toilet paper isn’t just for practical purposes. It’s also fun to play with and unroll, leaving everything covered in white fluffiness.

But to the worn out parent, this can make for an unsightly and undesirable surprise visit to the only truly private space in the house.

Cassandra at ckandnate.com found a handy hack in the humble but all important hair tie. Just slap that hair tie over the roll and voila! Your toilet paper is baby proofed!

Toilet paper roll

2 – Curb the sound of a door slamming

If you’re worried about slamming doors waking or scaring your little ones, well you’ll be thrilled. Thanks to Make and Takes, we found a great tutorial for an easy DIY no-sew door muff. It’s super easy to pull together, and it’s not an eyesore.

For this project, scrap leather is the way to go. You’ll also need elastic. A hammer, hole punch, corner rounder, and scissors will also be handy. If you visit the Make and Takes website, you’ll find a downloadable template to cut out the leather door muff just right. You’ll also find more detailed instructions for making your no-sew door muff.

3 – Dresser drawer lock

Well, here’s a fun baby proofing hack.

Are you worried about baby pulling out dresser drawers onto his or herself? Or perhaps you’re worried about the whole dresser toppling down on the child if they decide to climb up the pulled out drawers.

Maybe your child hasn’t reached that phase yet. But you’re concerned about them undoing all your laundry work by pulling out all the neatly clothes out of your drawers.

Well, low and behold, I’m a Lazy Mom shares a neat hack for keeping those dresser drawers shut. Get yourself a yardstick and slide it through the dresser handles. Sweet baby won’t be getting into those drawers anytime soon!

4 – Baby proof surge protector

Did you really think we’d share some baby proofing hacks and overlook anything related to electricity?

Surge protectors are a common household tool for protecting your electric powered gadgets.

Usually, you’ll find these surge protectors within the reach of prying little fingers. Thank you, Pinterest for this brilliant idea that serves as both a nifty way to gain better control of your cables and a baby proofing hack!

Get yourself a Tupperware container that’s long enough to contain the surge protector. Create a hole on one end of the plastic container, where your cables will exit. Place your surge protector in the container and run the cord out the hole. Then start running your computer and TV cables into the box through the hole. Plug into the surge protector and pop the Tupperware container lid on. Voila! Your baby is safe!

5 – Baby-proof your cabinet doors

Another Pinterest hack is here to save the day. If you’re worried about your baby getting into your cabinets and causing destruction, we suggest you whip out those cookie cutters.

Cookie Cutter Babyproofing hack

Image via Kara Aycoth on Pinterest

Yes, the cookie cutters you only use around the holidays. Who knew they could serve a purpose outside of baking?

Make your mobile home safe for baby and worry less!

In closing, it’s encouraging to know you don’t have to be an engineer to baby proof your mobile home. Baby proofing hacks are here to help make your world a safer place for your baby.

If you’re vacationing in a mobile home, these hacks are perfect as they are not permanent! You can easily put them up or pull them down without leaving a trace.

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