Are Cleveland, MS Old Homes and Trailers Still an Eyesore

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The story is old and outdated now. But it was worth reading back when it came out. Was Cleveland, Ms state officials going to put more and more pressure on mobile home owners with run down units?

In that original article that is no longer available, Aimee wrote for Bolivarbullet the following….

When visitors comment about Cleveland, the responses usually refer to how clean the city’s downtown and residential areas really are.

However, there are areas in town with run-down mobile homes and dilapidated homes.

With the city making such an effort to keep city streets cleaned and swept, one might wonder why some of these structures are allowed to stand.

Brett Moorman, director of Community Development, said many of those properties are grandfathered in. However, that does not give the property or the tenant the right to keep the property in a state of dilapidation or uncleanliness.

“Every month, we have a list of unsightly properties that we carry before the Cleveland Board of Aldermen, to send a notice to about their property,” he explained. “This is actually a state statute, MCA 21-19-11. Once they go through that process, they have 30 days to respond or the board will adjudicate the property. That gives Community Development the right to clean the property up.

“This puts a lean on their taxes,” he added. “People with concerns or complaints are encouraged to contact our office to file a complaint. Our number is 662-843-4601.”

The city is limited by funding. It costs the city and taxpayers money to tear down or clean up property, that the city may or may not get back from the lean.

However, the city considers it a priority to keep communities clean and safe.

Our question today, is this still an issue? Are mobile homes being forcibly condemned? Removed? Or abandoned in these areas? The evidence points to a slight rekindling of both the value and the care Cleveland residents are giving to their mobile homes.

The question always lied with the owners of these homes and do they have a right to treat their own property in a way that they find fit, so long as it does no damage to the neighboring property. But that is always the issue because often it does affect those around you.

Property value is a tough subject. Usually, it’s not determined by single unit issues but by a larger scale issue in the community.

For now, Cleveland residents still are afforded the rights home owners are right. But they are liable to the same township requirements as everyone. So only time will tell.

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