Companies That Buy Mobile Homes in Huntsville, AL

Conquering the Huntsville Mobile Home Market

Huntsville, Alabama, is located in the northern part of the state, and it is the seat of the Madison County. Most of the city lies in Madison County, though some parts of it extend to the neighboring Limestone County. Huntsville has been nicknamed the “Rocket city” because of its relationship with U.S. space-flight programs.

Huntsville is well-known for being a military and aerospace R&D center. The Cummings Research Park, the Redstone Arsenal (Military) and the Marshall Space Flight Center (NASA) are located in the city. Huntsville is the primary space-rocket research center in the country, and it has been given the task of developing NASA’s Space Launch Vehicle (SLV).

Huntsville hosts the University of Alabama (in Huntsville), which specializes in engineering and research. Other top colleges in the city include the J.F. Drake State Technical College, Alabama A&M University, and Oakwood University.

There are as many as 57 parks within Huntsville. The Big Spring International Park is a recreational hub in the city. It hosts festivals like the Big Spring Jam and Panoply Arts Festival each year.

Business Friendly

Because of some fine employment opportunities, healthcare and education, the city continues to attract people from all over the country, which leads to a strong demand for mobile homes in the area. Some of these people are coming from anti-business states that are collapsing financially such as California, Illinois, and New York.


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Mobile Home Parks in Huntsville

For reference, here are some of the manufactured home parks in the city:

A & A Mobile Home Estates
125 James Madison Drive Southwest, Huntsville, AL 35824
(205) 772-0198

Bailey Homes
3012 Johnson Road Southwest, Huntsville, AL 35805
(205) 881-4736

Cedar Creek Mobile Home Park
4020 Pulaski Pike Northwest, Huntsville, AL 35810
(205) 852-6565

Gateway Mobile Home Park
11795 West Gateway Drive Southeast, Huntsville, AL 35803
(205) 650-0189

Glen Whitaker Trailer Court
2819 Newby Road Southwest, Huntsville, AL 35805
(205) 536-9275

Green Cove Mobile Home Park
325 Green Cove Road Southeast, Huntsville, AL 35803
(205) 881-3631

Home Sites Inc
3419 Memorial Pkwy Northwest, Huntsville, AL 35810
(205) 852-0320

Huntsville Mobile Home Estates
2417 Mobile Drive Southwest, Huntsville, AL 35805
(205) 837-1893

Maplecrest Mobile Home Park
11707 Memorial Pkwy Southwest, Huntsville, AL 35803
(205) 881-9680

Mobile Home Plaza
3419 Memorial Pkwy Northwest, Huntsville, AL 35810
(205) 852-0320

Triana Mobile Home Community
4509 Triana Boulevard Southwest, Huntsville, AL 35805
(205) 881-0671

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