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Sell Mobile Home Alabama

The state of Alabama has 4,447,100 people residing in the many cities throughout the state, making it the 23rd largest populated state (according to a 2000 census). With it’s warm climate, year round, people from all over the country are attracted to Alabama during the winter months.  Being from Michigan, we see “snowbirds” travel down south as the temperatures begin to decline.  Many of these people are looking to purchase a cost effective home as a secondary residence during these months.  

Mobile homes have given people a chance to travel south for the winter without hitting the wallet as much as stick built homes can.  Manufactured homes are built well, while allowing flexibility for the home’s location.  If the buyer doesn’t like the current site they simply move their mobile home.  For this reason, mobile homes can sell quickly when you’re working with the right company. The process to transfer a mobile home title from one owner to the next is straightforward in the state of Alabama. A mobile home is not real property, and it is personal property.

People from outside Alabama can purchase homes and move them to desirable parks in their state. So this is the perfect time if you want to sell your mobile home fast. We provide quick cash in your hand. Free online quotes and honest home value appraisals.  So if you are looking for a mobile homebuyer and need a quick turn around selling your manufactured home, click below for a free quote.


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