Happy 4th Of July: A Few After-Party Tips For Your Mobile Home!

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After the party fades, what remains can be a bit overwhelming. Red cups strewn about, shifted furniture in the house, and the firework remnants scattered around the yard.

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Well, hopefully, it’s not too bad due to thoughtful guests. But even the most thoughtful of guests will forget their cups and plates. Let’s face it – all sorts of fun is happening at a 4th of July party. Anyone can get distracted.

But it’s time to clean up that mobile home of yours and bring order from the chaos.

After-party 4th of July cleaning tips

In today’s article, we’re going to lay out some spiffy tips to make the after-party clean up a breeze. Your mobile home will look fine in no time at all.

House clean up after the party

So the party’s over. Where do we begin?

Around the house with a trash bag in tow

You know those handy dandy black trash bags? Yup, whip those out. And prowl the inside and outside of your mobile home for used paper cups, plates, utensils and any other trash to dispose of into those black bags.

If you come across used and unused fireworks, set them aside in separate piles. We’ll get to those in a bit.

Now that you’ve done away with the disposable clutter, you can move on to the next phase in your cleanup strategy.

a pile of black bags of garbage

Make the floor clean again

With any party will come the problem of a well-traveled floor. As your guests came in and out constantly, surely you can now see evidence of the traffic on your carpet and hard flooring. Don’t panic.

First, begin by picking up any objects littered on the floor. If it’s trash, it should have already been dealt with in the previous step.

Second, pull out that vacuum cleaner and set it to work.

After you’ve vacuum/swept and mopped the entire floor space, it’s time to focus on any stains that may have resulted from the party. People are imperfect and accidents happen. Wine, soda, and even grass stains may have made its way onto your carpet.

Follow the strain removal recipe here to make your carpet looking great again.

Bring order to your furniture arrangement

Inevitably, your furniture’s been moved around. It’s time to set everything back in place. There ya go, your mobile home is coming back together again.

Kitchen clean up

Your kitchen may be in need of a little love and care. First, you’ll want to clear the countertops and thoroughly wipe them down. While you’re at it, tackle that kitchen table too. Much better.

Now you can roll up your sleeves and work on the kitchenware and dishes. Don’t think about how big the pile of dirty dishes appears. Just get to it and you’ll be done in no time at all. Thanks to paper plates and utensils, it shouldn’t be too overwhelming of a task.

Bathroom restoration

Start with taking out the trash, then begin wiping down or scrubbing the floor, sink, light switch, cabinet, and toilet. If you hustle, this really shouldn’t take long at all.

Leftover 4th of July decorations

What’s a 4th of July party without leftover 4th of July decorations? A quick run to a department store will provide you with an array of plastic storage tubs to choose from. Find the size that works best for you, label it “patriotic-themed decor” and put the leftover supplies and decor in there.

Now it can be safely stowed away for the next party opportunity!

Safely disposing of fireworks

To safely dispose of used fireworks, start with soaking them in a container of water. As far as the duds go, just pull the wick off and toss them into the water too.

women holding fireworks or sparklers to celebrate 4th of July

After they’ve soaked, wrap them twice in plastic wrap. This will keep them wet.

When you take them to the dump, let the workers know what you’re disposing of. And let them know how you’ve taken care of the fireworks.

Safely storing unused fireworks

To begin with, do not store your fireworks in a cardboard box. You want to keep them away from easily flammable materials.

You would do well to select a plastic container with a sturdy lid.

Your container should keep moisture from reaching your fireworks and it should also keep your fireworks from exposure to any sparks.

Next, place the container in a secure area where the kiddos can’t reach it. Don’t store it in your home – and don’t store it near flammable items such as fuel, or a stove.

Additionally, you do not your fireworks stored near an exit. In the event that they should ignite, you don’t want the fire to block your exit.

Stress-free after-party cleanup

So with all that to guide you along in your post-party cleanup, we hope order is restored in no time at all.

Check out our Memorial Day tips for mobile home hosts! You can apply these tips to 4th of July festivities.

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