9 Things You Must To Do to Prepare a New Mobile Home Site

Land for manufactured homes

Preparing a new mobile home site requires multiple steps. The process should begin at least 60-days before the scheduled move-in date to ensure that proper time is allocated for permits, utility connections, and total site preparation. Regulations vary state-by-state in regards to required permits, fees, and processes. It is ideal to view your state-specific and local-specific regulations so that you do not experience any delays.

Survey the Plot

Take a bit of time to survey the chosen plot to make sure it is level, the proper size, and is a good location in the mobile home park or neighborhood the home is expected to be in. If you are moving a new mobile home to a mobile home park, visit the park several times and at different times of the day. This will give you an idea of what your immediate neighbors are like and if the location will be practicable.

Mark Boundary Lines

Mark your property boundary lines with stakes. A city surveyor may be required to confirm that your property lines are correct. This is ideal if you plan to install fencing for privacy or property separation. The boundary lines also help you see how much room you will have for open outdoor space after a patio slab and driveway are in-place.

Apply for Permits

The required permits vary by location. Most locations require a building permit, transport permit, and occupancy permit. These permits should be applied for at least 6-weeks before the scheduled transport of the home to the new plot. Permits for utility connection may also be required.

Land for manufactured homes

Setting Concrete Pads

If you are planning the location of the new home to be in a mobile home park, the main concrete slab that your home sits on should already be in-place. You should only have to worry about installing a drive way and patio. These slabs must be the same length as the main slab and must be the width specified by your local government. These slabs should be completed three weeks before the home will be in-place so that there is ample time for the concrete to dry, settle, and be finished.

Utility Connection

The connections for utilities should already be in-place if you are moving into a mobile home park. If you have purchased a private plot of land, you will be required to install all of the utilities required such as a septic system, electric, water and gas/propane. The cost of establishing means for utilities is up to the homeowner.

Delivering the Home

The home moving company that you choose must obtain oversize load permits to legally transport your mobile home to its new location. The moving company should advise you of the amount of time it takes to obtain proper permitting. While you will pay the fee for the permit, the moving company is responsible for obtaining the permit on-time.

Securing the Home

You will need the assistance of a mobile home setup company to properly secure the home to the concrete pad. This must be inspected for safety and to ensure it is up to current local code. The fee for this should be included in your total transport and setup bill.

Attaching Utilities

Utilities should be connected and tested before the home’s apron is attached. Some local areas will require inspection of utility connections for safety purposes. It is ideal to check with local utility offices to inquire about local regulations.

Adding Exterior Pieces

Your awnings and apron should be attached after the home is secured and approved on its new location. Awnings should also include drainage for rain water to drain it away from the side of the home. Awnings should also be properly secured into the ground per local regulations for strength and code compliance.

Final Words

Once the home is properly secured and completed for occupancy, you can begin landscaping the property. Review the guidelines for the mobile home park regarding landscaping prior to selecting any plants. While setting up a mobile home on a new site is a process, it is not as stressful as one might believe. In most cases, the companies assisting with the moving and setting up of the home will apply for all of the required permits, you just have to supply a few signatures and the funding.

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