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by Aug 27, 2019

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With 2020 on the horizon, it’s high time to start thinking about how to make your mobile home trendy for next year. Knowing what type of color combos are in for the long haul and which ones are going out fast is a big part of planning your decor. With that said, take a look at some popular color combinations that’ll be big next year. Your mobile home will thank you!

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Bold color combos

Just for the fun of it, why not start out with some bolder color combos this time? Loud colors aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but maybe you’ll enjoy them more than you thought. 

Bright yellow in mostly neutral rooms

Bright yellow tones haven’t been in the spotlight for quite some time, but 2020 is going to be their year. Cheerful and sunshine-y, bright yellow is the flair of color you’ll see in neutral rooms with white, gray, or black themes. This color scheme is a great way to avoid being too mainstream while still keeping it trendy. 

Combo of dark blue and green tones 

Combinations of blues and greens with dark, moody undertones are also coming into their own in 2020. These color tones are bold but not startling – instead, they’re calming. This means that for some homeowners, the introspective blue-green combo is a better choice for a large-scale design. However, keep in mind that dark colors will make a room look smaller and more “closed-in.” As you can see, this room showcases them well. 

“Electric” color tones – especially next to plain wood

Lime green, bright yellow, and bright orange are all good examples of “electric” color tones, and they’re all new and exciting ways to celebrate 2020. Like the bright yellow example we featured earlier, these types of colors go especially well alongside neutrals. However, we really like the look of lime green alongside the plain wood design of this bathroom: 

It’s a color combo that offers a little something new without sacrificing its elegance. 

Milder color combinations

Of course, bold colors aren’t everything. Some homeowners prefer milder color combinations. 

Millennial pink? Not quite…

A recent favorite, millennial pink is on its way out now. But hold on, not so fast! This delicate shade of pink has evolved with the times to produce a new crowd-pleaser, known by several names: “blush pink,” “dusty rose,” and “apricot,” to name a few. From the lightest of pinks to a pale coral, millennial pink is sticking around for now … sort of. To create a tasteful color combination, use mild brown, black, and white shades next to this fanciful pink.

Mint green with red

If you’re not into dark or lime greens, mint green is an alternative you should consider. It’s a mild color that goes with everything and has a bit of a vintage flair. Like many colors, mint green goes with neutrals (especially brown and white.) Surprisingly, it also goes with red tones. Whether you choose dark red or light red, this shade of green will offset it perfectly.

Inspiring neutral color combos for 2020

Finally, if you’re happier with neutral colors in your home, you’ll definitely find one of these trendy neutral combos appealing! 

Gray & white

All-white rooms are too stark for the warm, welcoming home interiors of 2020. Fortunately, there’s a solution: using gray tones to “warm up” a white room. For example, this living room is a soft shade of gray that’s perfect for its design: 

Earth tones

Natural themes are in, and they aren’t going out anytime soon. Rather than going the black-and-white or gray-and-white route, using several earth tones for your home is a great way to look on-trend in the coming year. This room is a good example of what to expect if you try out this style.

A “metallic-and-matte” black with bright accent colors

Darker neutrals are still on the table, too! If a plain black color scheme doesn’t interest you, try mixing metallic and matte textures to change things up a little. Of course, you’ll also want to add some bright yellow or red to really complete the look. 

Choose your color combinations soon!

If you want to be on top of your game in the world of style, it’s time to start picking out your 2020 color combos! Whether you’re into neutral tones or the loudest of loud colors, you’ll be getting your mobile home ready to look fabulous for next year. 

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