Selling a 1998 mobile home

Selling a 1998 mobile home can be a quick process. You just have to put in a little effort. Making sure the home is priced to sell is just the first step. Next, you have to market the home with every possible resource. This could include the newspaper, Craigslist, websites, signs, etc., but you must keep up on it. Some believe, all they have to do is post a Craigslist ad and wait for the calls to come flooding in. As the days go by, your ad drops farther and farther to the bottom of the page. Most people never go back to post again. They don’t try any other avenue and end up never selling the home. This is a shame because 1998 mobile home is a valuable asset, even in these market conditions.

We are currently looking to buy 1998 mobile homes. We have an extensive buyers network that took us years to build. Our buyers are willing to pay top dollar for mobile homes in good condition. This puts us in a great position to offer the maximum dollar amount for your home. You can take advantage of this process by inputting some information about your home, to the right of this page. This will allow us to get a rough value of your home. The offer will then be emailed to you immediately for your review.

Ideally, we are looking for 1998 mobile homes in mint condition. This will get you the maximum value out of your home. However, if the home is not in the best condition, you could expect to be on the lower end of our range offer to you. Many things are factored into our offers. The more features that line up with our buyers desires, the closer our offer will be to our maximum. The less features that line up with our buyers desires, the closer our offer will be to our minimum.

Get your no-obligation offer on your 1998 mobile home today!


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