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Info For Buyers

FAQ for buyers

How do I search for mobile homes in my area?

It’s easy, simply choose, either the State you want to look in, or the zipcode, followed by a miles radius and hit submit.  This will activate our system to search for all the listings in that particular geographical location.

What if I want more information on a home?

Click the “get more info” button on the bottom of the listing.  This will open up the listing where you can view pictures and read details that the seller has listed on the home.  Still need more info?  You can contact the seller directly from the ad.

How do I view the pictures in a sales ad?

Simply click a picture to the left of a listing.  This will enlarge the pictures and organize them into a slide show for you.

What type of information does the sales ad display?

Sellers list the homes year, make, size, property condition, location, etc…  You can also get what is included in the sale such as appliances or AC.  Also, the seller will write out special features in the notes section of the ad.  This is for the seller to highlight anything they may feel is necessary to tell potential buyers.

How would I contact the seller?

Click the “Contact seller” button in the top right corner of the ad.  This will open a window for you to ask questions about the home or make an offer.  If the seller elected to display their phone number you may also call them directly.

What if I want an exact location of the property?

No problem – click the link in the ad that says “view map”.  This will map out the mobile home’s location so you can see where it’s at in the city.  If the seller has elected to conceal the actual address the map will show the approximate location within the city. In such cases, we encourage you to contact the owner directly.

What if I want to purchase a home on your site?

Contact the seller and make an offer on the home.  From this point forward, you can continue to use our system to communicate, contact each other via telephone, or email independently without the help of our site.  However, we, Manufactured Selling Solutions, LLC never get involved with the sales process.  We simply allow people to use our site so that they may market their mobile home.  We do not own the homes and cannot verify that all sales will go smoothly.

What happens if I or the seller wants to back out of a sale?

Manufactured Selling Solutions, LLC does not involve ourselves in the for-sale-by-owner sales process.  These are independent owners acting on behalf of their own interests.  We encourage you to use legal documents outlining your sale conditions. If either party acts out of the confines of such documents, you may want to seek legal counsel.

What states do you have mobile homes in?

We list homes from all over the country.  You will find ads from every state.

Do you have a question we haven’t answered?  We encourage you to send us an email to and we’ll get back to you ASAP.



Info For Sellers

FAQ for sellers


Why won’t my mobile home sell ?

In most cases, we’ve concluded that the primary reason a mobile homeowner has a difficult time selling is because they’ve overpriced the home. Read our article on how to price your mobile home.






We CAN help you!

What type of mobile homes do you buy?

We buy all mobile homes with the following description:

  • Built between 1987 -2012
  • The mobile home has vinyl siding
  • It has a shingled roof
  • It has a pitched roof

(NOTE:  This criteria does not apply to sales ads.)

What will you do with the information I submit?

We use the information on your mobile home for one purpose; to determine a value.  We need to get an idea of what your mobile home is worth to the buyers on our list.  This is the ONLY use for the information you submit.  We do not sell your info.  In fact, if you do not respond to our offer we delete the profile completely.


Do you charge a fee to view my home?

No.  We will never charge a fee to view a home, even if we never agree on a price.

What is the process if I want to sell my mobile home to you?

How our process works

If I decide not to take your offer, what happens?

Showcase your home to thousands of potential buyers by listing your home with our site   You can also use the resources we have, including great articles to help you with the sale of your mobile home, click here to view them. Or check out a few of them below.

How can I sell my mobile home?

How can I sell my mobile home

You may need to repair the mobile home before selling it.

How can I let people know my mobile home is for sale?

How much is my manufactured home worth?

I still owe money on my mobile home can I still sell it?

I want to sell my mobile home in Michigan, what information do I include in my sales ad?

How do you determine your offers?

We look at a multitude of factors when determining our offer to you.  First, we must look at the overall market conditions.  You can get a sense of the market just by your own attempts at selling your home.  It’s not great.  We also have to look at the needs of our buyers. If they want a 3 bedroom home and you only have a 2 bedroom home… It’s going to affect our offer.  Also, it depends on the age of the home and the park the home is in.  But the number one thing we have to consider is:  can we sell this home after we buy it from you?

Am I obligated to sell my home for the amount you offer?

You are never obligated to sell us your home.  If we make an offer to you that you find too low, we understand if you chose not to sell your mobile home to us.  However, we encourage you to take advantage of our 6 month listing opportunity.  Learn more by giving us a little bit of your homes information, now.


If I can’t accept the offer you give me, do I have any other options?

Yes, we offer advertising space on our site where you can create your own listing.  We have thousands of people each month who search our site, just for mobile homes.  Your ad will include space for pictures, home information, full write-up, homes availability, etc… Click here for more information on how to get started.


I have a lien on my mobile home, are you still interested in buying it?

It depends on the amount you owe.  In some cases we can offer you more than you owe on the home.  Other times, you may be required to come to the table with some money if you truly want to sell your home.  Often, people owe more on their mobile homes than the home is worth.

How serious are you about buying my mobile home?

We are very serious about it.  This is how we make our living.

Who will you buy your mobile homes from?

We typically buy our homes from private sellers who own homes in mobile home parks. However, if your home is on private land and you need it moved, we can have it moved.

How long does the process take?

Not long.  You can get more information from the link below.

How fast is the process of selling my mobile home?

Why would I sell my mobile home to you?

There are many benefits to selling your mobile home to us.  We purchase homes fast. There is no waiting period and we do not use banks.  Therefore, you do not have to worry about us getting approved.  Also, we do not fill out paperwork from parks.  They cannot stop the sale of your home. For more info, click the link below.
The benefits of our service (Link)

How will I get my offer?

You just need to fill out the form (located to the upper left of this page).  Please be sure to fill out all the fields.  We need to know who we are talking to.  Also, your offer will be sent immediately to your email address.  It’s important that we have this.

Can I just call you with my information?

Sure, feel free to call at anytime.